Wednesday, 27 April 2011

~Berryz Interview with Anime News Network

If you guys haven't seen already : )

^ It's a really great read! I recommend you all to read it whether you're a Berryz fan or not.
It's pretty touching~

and it made me laugh haha Risako and Momoko...



  1. Thank for the interview. The interviewer seem to do a lot of homework and by their questions, show the girl's personality well.

  2. The Sakura-Con Berryz concert was amazing, and they saved my favourite song (Rival) for the encore. Despite the lousy venue, it was great fun. The costumes were also very cute, and Chiichan even appeared in the old fish costume to deliver the English language comments for the group.

  3. Yeah! I thought the interview was really good actually ^_^ and wao you saw them!! It must have been amazing then : D Jealous~ hehe -Risu

  4. Oh and the fish outfit!! xD I love that -Risu

  5. I liked how Yurina liked K-pop and mentioned the difference it has with J-pop. Wish she mentioned the difference in the audience. I think I read before that even Chisato wished she could perform in front of a female audience. They must be secretly self conscious.