Friday, 22 April 2011

Translations: C-ute's Blog- Recording for a TV show -Maimi 22/4/11

Hello ☺

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It's Maimi

Yesterday, C-ute did a recording for a TV show
airing overseas called NHK WORLD "Int'l After School" ^ヮ^

It's a program for us to transmit things about Japan

We recorded it with WISE-san
and the guest, VERBAL-san but

it seemed my listening skills had powered up as inside the studio they were speaking English here and there ***

It'll be on air on the 29th of April ^ヮ^

We can bring closer the many people from overseas through updates, pictures, videos

and I found out that there are a lot of fans overseas who support us!!

we don't get so see you easily since there are little opportunities but

I think we were able to show our happy-selves through the program

and I think this will be a good chance for the people who don't know about C-ute yet overseas, to get to know C-ute o(^ヮ^)

Of course, we're trying our best to make people in Japan know us more and more too o(^ヮ^)

The programme's URL is this:

Everyone outside Japan, definitely please watch it ok? ^ヮ^ ♥

One day, I want to be able to do lots of lives in different countries~ ♥♥♥

Right then, right then, I'll be off today too o(^ヮ^)


Hahaha!! That studio looks exactly the same as J-melo and Imagi-nation.. ah poor companies.. hehe oh well! I seriously can't wait for this!! and that's the same day as the royal wedding so I'm off school~...though I bet I won't be allowed to watch it on that day =3= and yess C-ute!! Please come to the UK~ everyone! You should send in your videos and messages too if you want C-ute to know they have fans in your country too~ 9/TEN -Risu


  1. i hope you've sent in a vid/pic...
    i haven't yet, so won't make this episode, but may do soon ^_^

    yes C-ute, UK welcomes you! please come!

  2. Buahah~ I may or may not have... but who knows if they'll put it up since I don't know how it entirely works for the show yet!

    Yes C-ute come tot he UK~ -Risu