Friday, 29 April 2011

Morning Musume - Only You Outfit preview

gomen ne gomen nee, hisashiburii

ok this is a tiny pic, and at first glance, I thought they were wearing newspapers...
xD well not newspapers exactly, but the small print, newspaper material?
but it's just silly Usa as usual xP
Ai stands out a lot xD I wonder why she decicded to go blonde, at first I thought it was cause of a drama or play she was in

I didn't think much of those outfits from that picture
but then I saw clearer ones
and I actually like them a lot! it's really cute
it looks like the 9th gen are wearing shorts
and the others with skirts
I would have to go with skirts on this one, fits the look moree
anyhow the single looks good

Oh waoo these outfits are cute ^__^!
I wonder how Only you will sound like now~?


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  1. there are more pictures.. but i really love the outfits :D