Wednesday, 27 April 2011

~Full preview of Momoiro Sparkling

Ahahahah I'm doing this at school when I should be working ;3 Bad Risu!!!

Anyway this preview be honest...just what I expected Momoiro Sparkling would sound like.
I hoped for something different like Kiss me Aishiteru too but C-ute always goes back to their happy-go-lucky style eh?
So I can't say I look forward to this release that much but the PV seems like it'll be interesting from this song!
Oh heyy it's not bad or anything just it's probably not something I'd enjoy a lot or at least...I'd have to get used to it! Cause that's what I thought of Campus Life and I like that song now~

Ah also, we'll be giving our opinions on their outfits too later sorry for the delay~
Off to work now Risu >: (

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