Saturday, 16 April 2011

Usaa's Video Corner! 52 ~Sakura Nyuugashiku

Sorry haven't posted in a while

but I have been waiting aaages for this!
Miyaib's solo from Berryz concert in Thailand! ah how I wish I could find the rest
ah love her voice^^

aand~ do you notice something? yes! the videos not cut off! hurrahh
this is thanks to Risu and her HTML knowledge, so we can all enjoy the full video without it going over to the next column xD;
but thanks for everyone's input^^
so now over that hurdle~

aand keep checking in! cause RisusaTEN has taken up a new project~


  1. Congratulation on ... er. youtube knowledge.^-^

  2. yay! the video is fixed! well done!!

  3. Wonder what the audience was in Thailand?? Mostly men or women and men??????

  4. Usaa
    I've seen some short clips from their concert in thailand, where a thai tv programme interviewed some fans and I saw quite a few girl fans~