Friday, 29 April 2011


THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE CONRATS!! I honestly wouldn't have known if I didn't check my email and saw all these comments.. I thought like some fight must have broken out or something xD

SO apparently RisuTEN has made it on to Int'l After School to talk about RisusaTEN! I haven't actually watched it myself yet since I want to watch it on TV but I'm hindered by the Royal Wedding at the moment.... but please~ take a look yourself since it should be an interesting show too!

Edit: I watched it!!.. apparently my brother has met AND partied with Verbal hehe.. he dressed pretty cool!!

That girl Jessica? From the USA? She made me laugh!! because..she reminds me of my cousin so much hehehe!~ But anyway t-t-then.. I heard my soon as I heard "Risu" I went IYAAAAA covered my ears and looked away xD;; and went aaaaaaah throughout until it was over haha...
Definitely try and send in your videos and messages to C-ute too~

Anyway.. that was really interesting actually! My favourite segment was with the date with C-ute because their reactions were so funny, especially Maimi's at the "kissing" part hahahaha. Poor Nakkii and Mai Mai! they didn't show any letters to them but ahh it's ok I guess ♥

I hope they continue airing this ^_^



  1. Congratulations!!! That's fantastic, C-ute knows exactly who you are now and that you help the rest of us follow their blogs. AWESOME!!!

  2. Thanks!! ^__^ Yeahh! so happy~ I'm just glad C-ute knows they have international fans for sure~-Risu

  3. The show itself was pretty enjoyable, made even better by someone we know appearing! congrats, hope you get to see it soon, it'll air a few more times today.

  4. haha after we saw risu.. some1 told me i should send in a vid xD
    saying i wanna challange maimi in a soccer game xD lol
    but i dont have the guts to do it like u did

    anyways xD again congratz :D

  5. Thanks ^_^ and yeah I really recommend you should though! you would get a better reaction than risusaten did hahaha ohwell I'm still grateful~ Haha I knew I should have went: P.S...I LOVE YOU AIRI!!! -Risu

  6. omg! Risu you're Asian! so nice. :) C-ute must be really flattered. But hey, I'm totally sending something. :))

  7. I hope they are xD and yeahh I'm totally asian!! kekeke go for it!!!! -Risu

  8. Congrats Risu. Seeing you was one of the best parts of the show~

  9. C-ute really are genuine nice cool girls.

  10. congratulations, risu!
    and shame Usa that you weren't there, but at least she gave you got a mention!

    good to hear your reaction to watching yourself on tv!

    how does it feel knowing thousands of ppl the world over has seen you on a programme with C-ute?! not to make you more embarrassed still! ;P

    royal wedding or C-ute? you've got your priorities all wrong there! ;P

    i'm really hoping they continue this programme as it was great and a pioneering type of show for C-ute ;)

  11. ( /-ヮ-)/!!........ *embarrrasssseeed 100%* haha..
    and of course C-ute before Royal Wedding any day~ *coughs* oh but I am still happy for them ^_^ Congrats to Kate and William eh~
    and I'm really hoping they do too since it's pretty interesting and fun to watch C-ute's reactions hehe -Risu

  12. Usaa
    xD yeah, it would be nice if we could have sent a video together, but we rarely get to meet up =(
    buuut I will send a video >:3
    just you wait C-utee xDD

  13. omg! i spazzed when i saw you in int'l after school