Friday, 29 April 2011

C-ute - Momoiro Sparkling Covers and Clothes

sorryyyy for lack of posts, schoolworks a bummer ><
and next month, Risu and I will have exams, so may be less active
but after that we can guarantee this will be one of the most updated sites~ xD

haai moving on to C-ute, thought I'd do a big post with all their recent updates
and most of them would be about their upcoming single, Momoiro Sparkling!

for some reason, whenever I see or hear that name, this image pops up in my head

thats right...a pink peach with sparkles...xD
I blame momoko's strong influence
so I didn't really thing much of the name, and I just imagined all their stuff to be pink
on the contrary the covers and clothes are better than I anticipated

first off covers
top - regular
left - Limited A
right - Limited B

these are really cute!
my favourite it their regular actually xD
I like their props and expressions

next is clothes
I love the bright colours, makes it look young and fresh xD
oo Maimi's hair is getting longer, I wonder if she's planning to grow it?
and here you see Airi's shorter hair, it looks nice

my fave is Chisato, love her whole looke, the clothes, cap and hair
next would be Maimai's

when I heard the radio rip, the song didn't leave much of an impression, as in I can't remember the tune from hearing it
but I'm looking forward to the PV, and if the PV's good I'm bound to like the song more
it looks like there's gonna be more scenes than dance and close up, hopefully some sort of story even? like from their regular cover

Lastly, this isn't to do with their single, but Airi's new PB called Meguru Haru
xD just kidding
Airi would never threaten anyone...for long anyway xD
anyway if you ignore my graffiti, you see Airi's pb cover
I wouldn't say it's one of my fave pics of Airi, but she still looks pretty nonetheless, even if also a bit dark xD

aand really last now, big congrats to my pall Risuuuuuuu! you're on TV xD
I know you're sad that you couldn't convey your love to Airi, but C-ute has seen you!
Usa is verrrrrry happy for you =D

Wahhh thank you UsaTEN ^__^ (even more embarrassed now) and as for my quick review, yes yes my favourite cover is the regular too! less white and more colour, it's a really pretty colour actually, probably my favourite compared to nearly all of their previous covers (if I can remember them).
As for the outfits... I'm not sure if I have a definite favourite, maybe Nakkii's but I like Chisato's top half too haha. Really, individually I don't like them as much but when they're put together!..C-ute look awesooome!! I hope the PV will be as fun and colourful as these covers ehh

And yay for Meguru Haru! Airi really does have a looot of photobooks! -


  1. IMHO, maimi and airi's outfits looks the best! and that's not because of my bias (honest!)

    like most others, i also think the regular cover's the best... easily!

    the single isn't as great as it could be for me, but hey, it's C-ute, they'll be receiving my cash regardless! (^_~).V

  2. What a dedicated fan! hahaha
    I'll need a couple of more times to listen to it probably, it seems like the song that would grow on me after all~ and Airi and Maimi's outfits aren't bad either ^_^ -Risu