Friday, 1 April 2011

Translations: Risu's Blog- Why UsaTEN has disappeared... 1/4/11

 I'm back!

I came across.. an UsaTEN!

I was just doing my innocent little translating when.....

I saw her!

Fire red demonnnnnn hungry for Risu! Oh yess Risu is very tasty but not good for you!!

Back you evil demon!!

Oh nooooooooooooo!!!

Just kidding!!!~


(Don't kill me Usagi~)


  1. hahaha, what happen with this blog. it's changed in one night, is this some kind of joke for april mop, i'm really shock ><
    btw that evil demon pict really scary

  2. haha nice pics! xD

    you two have taken this April Fool's Day thing to the next level! ¦D

  3. Ohhh sorry hehe Usa apologizes for being so evil!! and yes..the two of us...ahahahahh-Risu