Sunday, 27 February 2011


busy blogging for Usaa xP
though these tasks were loong overduee

1) C-ute Page
Finally it's done, sorry for taking so long xP
this page is really for new fans, but everyone please take a look^^ maybe you can learn something new about the members, I certainly did
Updated with the new (and old) translated singles
so now you can find the song translations easier~

I wonder why I didn't do this earlier! it would certainly make keeping track of birthdays easier
and hopefully I shan't miss a birthday picspam from that list! (one should hope)
click on the * next to the members name for their birthday postt
it's colour coordinated, to their group's respected colours (or so I think? it does change)
Red - Momusu
Blue - Berryz
Orange/Yellow - Cute (well technically I think it's yellow but you wouldn't be able to see that)
Pink - Mano
Purple - Smileage
aand Green is for Graduated members

haai please check these new and updated pages out~

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