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Translations: C-ute's Blog- Kiss me Aishiteru x first of all ^ヮ^ -Chisato 23/2/11

℃-ute 公式ブログ/Kiss me 愛してる×まずは、 画像1
℃-ute 公式ブログ/Kiss me 愛してる×まずは、 画像2Good evening everyone ^ヮ^ ♥
I read everyone's comments yesterday
there were people who asked
would you be able to write a profile?
and there were people who said
I don't know about Okai-chan yet at all
so write a profile!
so I'll write a profile ♥

2011 *** First half of the year *** profile

☆ Name
"Okai Chisato!"

☆ How do you read that?
"Oh-Kah-Ee Chi-Sah-Toh"

☆ Nicknames??
"Chissaa, Okai-chan >w<v"

☆ Age!
"I'm 16! ♥"

☆What year?
"1st year in Highschool ♥"

☆ When is your birthday?
℃-ute 公式ブログ/Kiss me 愛してる×まずは、 画像3"21st of June 1994 ♥"

☆ What constellation?
"Gemini ♥"

☆ Blood type ♪
"I'm A type >w<v"

☆Where do you live?
"In the Saitama prefecture ♥ヮ♥"

☆Your family tree!
"Papa, Mama, Chisato,
Little sister (Asuna)
Little brother (Tsubasa)
Little sister (Mion)
Pain. Rippu >w< ♥"

(Aww Tsubasa 空翼 and Mion! 海夕音 cute naames)

"Miniature Dachshund!
Pain * Rippu"

☆Favourite Foods "Beef ribs gukbap. Ponzu. Pocky ♥"

☆ Dislike foods "Food with no flavour"
☆Favourite fruit "Rafuransu ♥" (I think it's a french pear?)

☆Something you'd like to try and learn?
"Soccer. Any instrument ♥"

☆Your hobbies?
"Collecting earings ♥ Nails ♥"
☆Favourite subject??
"Of course!! P.E"

☆Hated subject??
"Science XoX"

☆Do you put on makeup??
"I do~ ;D"

☆What kind of makeup??
"I do it natural as much as possible ♥ヮ♥"

☆When did you start putting on makeup?
"I started by myself on my first year of middle school"

☆What kind of hairstyle do you like??
"Pony tails ♥ If you're speaking about pony tails, it's Okai-chan! <- eh?"

☆Do you like current fashion??
"I don't hate it! but I don't particularly like it"

☆Your favourite family lineage??
"I don't know what my favourite is? >w<;"

☆What's your favourite brand?
"I don't have one especially-su (-3-)"

☆What is a brand you often buy??
"I gueeess it's Cecil Mcbee ♥"

☆Where do you buy your accessories??
"Harajuku (♥ヮ♥)♥"

☆What's your favourite accessory??
"Earings ♥"

☆Who do you go clothes shopping with??
"Nakkii (♥ヮ♥)♥ I want to go with Mai too!"

☆Are you the skirt type? Or the trousers type?

☆Your favourite Manga?

☆For mangas, how many volumes do you have?? "I have about 50 I thiink"

☆Who's your favourite model??
"Kinoshita Yukina-san ♥"

☆Why do you like her??
"I like her personality ♥ Cute"

☆Who's your favourite celebrity??
"Himuro Kyousuke-san ♥"

☆Which celebrity do you admire??
"Himuro Kyousuke-san ♥
Watanabe Misato-san ♥ Everyone in JYJ!" (JYJ HAHA!)

☆Who's your favourite male artist?? "Himuro Kyousuke-san ♥ Everyone in JYJ!"
☆Whos' your favourite female artist?? "Watanabe Misato-san ♥ etc"

☆Favourite song??
"Himuro Kyousuke-san. Kiss me ★ Watanabe Misato-san. Itsuka kitto ★ JYJ. itsudatte kimi ni"

☆What CDs do you have??
"I have so many CDs I don't know!"

☆Who's live have you been too?? "Himuro Kyousuke-san ♥"

☆What's been on your mind lately!
"When will I have a third part of my solo live~ it'd be good if I could have one ^ヮ^ ♥"

☆Dreams in the near future
"How I spend my time,
I want to do my best to be an idol group that everyone knows.
I want to step forward to a variety of things for myself!"

"Today is the release day of C-ute's 15th single ♥
Kiss me Aishiteru. ^ヮ^ ♥
This song, I really love it
Thank you Tsunku♂san for making this amazing song
Ah! By-the-way ♥
We're doing a release event so ♥ please come bringing a green penlight <- chuu ♥
Please look at the official homepage for Hello! Project for more details ♥"

Today ***
every member in C-ute
It's been a while since we've all gathered
Somehow, I really do love everyone after all ♥
Love you guys (*^ω^*)

With that ♥
Everyone, from here on
please treat C-ute, and me well ♥

What should I write about tommorow~ ♥
Baichaako ♥


Pheew~ I hope you guys got to know Chisato a bit more now! 10/TEN-Risu

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