Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Polls! Which is your Favourite Buono! Single?

wow this is loong overdue ><

MY BOY 31% (38)
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! 14% (17)
Rottara Rottara 11% (14)
Our Songs 8% (10)
Gachinko de Ikou/Bravo Bravo 6% (8)
Renai Rider/Honto no Jibun 5% (7)
Co no mi chi/Take it Easy 4% (6)
Total Votes 121

Wow this is pretty even~
I shouldn't find it a surprise that MY BOY one, suuch an awesome song~
whenever I recommend Buono! I always mention this song~ and the PV of course (cake xD)

ahh Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!, this is my first ever PV for me~ Risu showed me this~
so this will always hold a special place in my heart
I love the colours in this

Rottara Rottara Rottara, (honto?) I actually didn't like this song at first, it was the beginning which put me off. but then I watched the PV and found it really cute, and when I listened properly the tune is really good~
and then I just learned to love this song~

Our songsss~ Despite the PV being so so, I really enjoy this single. because their voices sound sooo good. and I love the dance too. It's a more mature tune, so you can hear their natural wonderful voices

Gachinko and Bravo are my go-to songs for when I need cheering up and especially before exams, I need Buono! to support me! xD love these catchy tunes

Ah they're younger days, Renai Rider and Honto no Jibun. I fell in love with Renai Rider after watching their PV, so cute, and love their dance for this too. I didn't pay much attention to Honto no Jibun until I watched a few eps of Shugo Chara and the ending got stuck in my head then. I loove Airi's ganbare~

Co no mi chi aruiteku yoo, I loove that line, though funnily enough I didn't like the song when I first heard it, dunno why, but then I listened properly and said to myself what have I been missing. I love their outfits for this^^. Take it Easy has a really good PV, and I think that's not noticed enough, it has a sorta story to it! it's a nice calm song, another one I listen to before exams. though we'll never know what Momoko said at the end to the sunset...

phew that was it. turned out to be a long post. surprise surprise. but I can go on foreverrrr with Buono~
they have to be the best anime unit everrr

next poll, jaan~ Who has the best smile?
being idols they have to be able to smile good right, but there are some who always have a smile on their face
We only selected a feww who we think are really smileyy. if you think we missed someone feel free to comment~
thanks for voting! and please vote for this~

Ahh congradulations to My Boy!
In my opinion, this is one of their best songs -definitely. Though I think more people outside Japan agree than the ones in Japan if you look at sales.
As for my top songs, it'd definitely have to be:
My Boy, Rottara Rottara, Gachinko de Ikou and Renai Rider
These four songs make me so energetic every time I hear like the first few seconds on my ipod on shuffle and I'm instantly happier! Not only are the tunes great but the lyrics are so encouraging too ^_^
Although at first I didn't really like Rottara Rottara either for the same reason as Usagi but the lyrics changed that completely. As for the other three, I instantly loved them as soon as I heard them.
I love the other songs too
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! For it's PV and also the line about it being ok to eat a lot haha
I love co no mi chi but this was another song that took a little bit to get used to, I think Momoko's lines were the first thing I loved about the song. The dance is so funny too~
I love Ours Songs for the vocals and I love Take it Easy! and Bravo Bravo for their PV... I remember when Bravo Bravo wasn't out yet and we were waiting with so much anticipation for it!
Finally for Honto no Jibun...well I preferred Kokoro no Tamago back then but they're on the same level now. It's their first single after all and it brings back all these nostalgic feelings ayee~

So let's vote for our next poll! Feel free to comment if you think we've left someone out but this was chosen by Usagi and me : )

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