Monday, 28 February 2011

C-ute - Kiss me Aishiteru Interview Subbed

Yatta sub~

this was an interesting interview~
woow Maimi's hair and Chisa's hair have grown!
yay Berryz mention<3
of course it's not a battle against S/mileage, cause C-ute would pwn them big time! ;D
verrry busy schedule ahead for C-ute, take it easy^^

xD ahh I do get those moments, where I feel like I've grown up
the one I remember the most is late last year my family were planning to go to LA for my cousin's wedding but there were only 3 tickets for the 4 of us. I told my sister that I wouldn't mind if I was the one left behind. but if this was me 2 years ago, a similar situation but going to Canada, I would have thrown a mini tantrum probably about how unfair it was leaving me behind xDD;;
well it does feel good when you realize you've matured xD
I was proud of myself at that moment
though I don't often have these moments xP

how about yours?^^

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