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Translations: C-ute's Blog- Auditions ♥ Chisato 26/2/11

℃-ute 公式ブログ/オーディション千聖 画像1Good evening everyone ^ヮ^ ♥

This is sudden but
I'll begin talking about the time of my audition ♥

The reason why I knew about the auditions
was because of my Mama's friend ^ヮ^ ♥
Her name is Reiko-chan *laughs*
She loved Matsuura Aya-san and knew about
Hello! Project very well
she told me about the auditions (*^ω^*)

At the beginning to Reiko-chan
showed us about the auditions
the Okai family was like: there's something like that huh~
so much that we didn't think I could take the auditions
at the time, that was just a rumour XoX
(^Not sure about that whole paragraph sorrryyy!!)

The day before the deadline of the auditions
we got a phone call from my Mama's friend!!!

R(You've applied for the Kids Auditions right!!!!!!??????)

Mama (We haven't!~???)

R (Why!? Why haven't you?
Hurry! Tommorow is the deadline!?)

Mama (I get it, I get it, we'll do it~)

so like that
We took a picture and sent it ^ヮ^

It's really thanks to Reiko-chan you know T~T ♥

★First Judging★
First they judged us from our pictures and documents!
I passed it! To go to the next audition for singing at ○○
I got send a postcard

★Second judging★
Song judging! Urusei Yatsura's
"Ramu-chan no Rabu Songu"
At that time, people called back were in this pretty
big XoX place
there were a lot of people
I thought so much that I wouldn't get accepted
My mama was full of confidence but >w< *laughs*
She said: If you don't take in my girl then who would!? 
(Hahaha! funny mama)

The audition this time, your number would appear on a big screen
if you got accepted in
it's a feeling of like "I got accepted!"
magnificently got accepted XoX
I was really surprised TヮT

★Third Judging★
There judgings of the singing, teeth, forehead!
Impressions. I did "Sanpe~" *laughs*
As for the song, Mama and Papa decided
I wouldn't do a Hello! Project song
I sang Urusei Yatsura's
"Ramu-chan no Rabu Songu"~ >w<
It was embarassing XoX
With the teeth and forehead,
they only looked my teeth and forehead! I don't remember why
in what way they decided that I'd get through but
I got accepted ^ヮ^

★Fourth Judging★
Lots of cameras revolved around me (♥ヮ♥)
I had an interview!

★Last Judging★
The last judging was gathering in a train station
15 girls were there
everyone was so cute XoX
I was surprised
everyone headed towards the studio!
When we saw everyone
of course, even mama was surprised *laughs*
Papa somehow I say, was down~!
(-3-) he said: it can't be helped that I was down!
It seemed my Mama thought that Miyabi-chan, Risako and Maasa-chan was too cute! *laughs*

When we arrived at the studio
there were lots of cameras
I was surprised
at that time, singing, performing
we spoke with Tsunku♂san!
All of it made me more nervous that usual XoX

Lastly, we made our success announcement
on the show called Hello! Morning!
At that time, a lot of the Morning Musume. senpai were there.
I clearly remember Ishikawa Rika-san was there!

And everyone passed!
they announced T~T

Now, being a C-ute member
is thanks to Reiko-chan showing us the auditions,
Papa and Mama applying for the auditionsfor me
and for choosing Chisato
Of course, for a long time after being accepted in the auditions
the people who have been supporting me
I'm so incredibly thankful to the people who supported me from the very beginning!

Until now, frusrating things, happy things
a lot has happened.
it's all thanks to everyone who came and helped me
to ride over things even now!
C-ute is still an idol group that not everyone knows yet but
we'll go and do our best for always and forever without giving up!

Please continue to cheer us on ♥


Wahh I see.. it's just as how I expected then.. I really did wonder if they examined them really carefully to see if they'd grown any deformaties or something haha! Because these girls really have turned out beautiful.. ah what a coincidence that Usagi put up a picture of the Hello! Kids auditions. You guys should definitely watch if you haven't already!!! And I remember when I first looked at the auditions. I definitely thought that Maiha was the cutest of them all but Nakkii is actually cute..iya!! no.. Maimai is definitely my favourite when she was younger! soo .. soo.. soo..cute...~ 10/TEN-

I dunno but this post really caught my eye
and all the time I thought wow what a coincidence! I just put up their audition video xD
psychic Usaa ne? *v* xD
I looove this post, soo cute and interesting 10/10

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