Sunday, 27 February 2011

Translations: C-ute's Blog- ♥ Fuffuu (Airi ^ヮ^) 25/2/11

Good evening ♥
℃-ute 公式ブログ/ふっふーっ(あいり) 画像1It's Suzuki Airi ^ヮ^

I finished the tests~ ♥♥♥

I can breath a sigh of relief (・ω・ )

I did my best in Science B
I remembered it! today ♥♥♥

I remembered the Genki Bunpuzu and the
localized vital staining and such (♥ヮ♥)
(Sorry I can't work out what 原基分布図 is)

℃-ute 公式ブログ/ふっふーっ(あいり) 画像2Iyaa, I wrote it I wrote it >w< ♥

Thanks for the hard work me <- *laughs*

To thank ourselves for the hard work
today in the
afternoon, me and my friends
went to eat ramen! ♥♥♥

It was delicious ♥ ^ヮ^

After that, after school
I hadn't finished copying yet so I copied notes into my Japanese exercise book ♥

Out of my expectations~...>w<;

For Japanese
the amount we had to write once
was a lot it seems
and more than other subjects <-(・ω・'')

It took about 3 hours >w<

But I'm glad I was able to properly hand it in ^ヮ^ ♥

I'm grateful to my friend who lent me her notes (・ω・♥)

Ahh only a bit longer
until I have to break up with the class I'm in now T~T;

That makes me sad...>_< ♥

It was a fun year 1 of highschool ^ヮ^ ♥

I'll do my best in year 2 too ♥

Ah speaking of which (-3-)
My hayfever today was really bad you know~ ^ヮ^; </3

Today, at one breath I'd be dead...</3

From nose dribbling to sneezing
and my eyes getting itchy too <- XoX;

I rushed into the pharmacy ♥ *laughs*

Everyone! (with hayfever.)

Let's do our best together! ^ヮ^ ♥

Right, in that.

These homepages have come about ♥♥♥

★UTB 203 site

★Photobook site
They've decided on the front cover of UTB-san (・ω・♥)/

a 2 months continuation
from April and May, it's been decided I'm releasing these photobooks ♥♥♥

Yay ^ヮ^ ♥

Before, I was in Niigata
where I had my photoshoot >w< ♥

About that, you can find more information in detail
on the homepage so
definitely please check it out ♥

Well then ^ヮ^ ♥
Tommorow I have a photoshoot! ♥ ^ヮ^

I'll do my best! ^ヮ^

Good night (σω-)。о゜ ♥


Otsukaree Airi~ hayfever is a real pain... 7.5/TEN -Risu

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