Friday, 1 April 2011

Translations: Risu's Blog- Jaan ♪ -Risu 1/4/11

Good morning ☺
It's Maimi Risu! Kyahah~

Yesterday it caaaame ^ヮ^
Yajima Maimi Risu-ruru's solo DVD "Rururururu" (Picture 1)

A DVD I took in Izu... ^ヮ^ ***

When I did this photoshoot, it was the time when I was saying: "Ah I'll be 19 in a few days!!" but

It was the last time Yajima Maimi Risu was 18 years old, teehee~!

I wonder if you can see me becoming a little bit more like an adult from me being 19 now...

I feel ^ヮ^
I say too but I was able to relax and have fun as I took this ♪

I could say that too but the place I took the photoshoot had a lot of nature (hachoo!) and the scenery was good so

just because of that, I was hyped up! ^ヮ^ ♪

We used a western style house studio for the photoshoot, it was a really pretty building ooooo

During the break of the photoshoot, they took out freshly baked cakes and scones for us (♥ヮ♥)***

It was tasty~ ^ヮ^ ♥

That'ts right right
The lunch they got out was delicious too! ^ヮ^

I was surprised queen crab was in it XoX;

It was the first time I had queen crab so...^ヮ^;

Well then, the offshots from my photoshoot...:3

(Picture 2) First is a pure white dress ♪

White is my favourite colour ♥ I took the photoshoot in this natural way ^ヮ^

You can see the complete scenery from the balcony in this offshot

In this scene, we took it with a "fresh" feeling of me ☺

(Picture 3) This is the blue outfit *** ♪

This outfit was taken in the garden of the house studio

This is a "Happy" feeling kind of image

After the photoshoot, I went to eat oysters with the staff-san yummyy...^ヮ^

All of it seemed tasty... ♥

I couldn't decide but in the end I had fried shrimp ^ヮ^;

But I couldn't eat the sashimi so ^ヮ^; I gave a little bit to the makeup stylisttttt ^ヮ^;

......That's a picture of the dinner!!!!!!!!!! :3

I say too but the picture...I forgot to take it XoX;

I realised after we finished eating ^ヮ^;;

Somehow forgive me...Teheh!~ ^ヮ^;

With this and that, my photoshoot was fun *** I had a nice dinner ♥

Right!! Well then, today's another day to do my best (^ヮ^)o

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