Monday, 23 August 2010

C-ute - Dance de BAKOON Dance shot

Yaho Its Usagi!
hisashiburi nee^^

I know I've been slacking recently but I hope what I just discovered can make up for it xP

I'm reallly excited for this single, and I certainly love it more than their previous ones, cause I love a good dance, and this certainly was. and it's really catchy, dansu de bakon!
My favourite part was at the beginning and end when the all stand in a line and point in different directions
I don't think Maimi sang her best in this, and Airi I think coulda done better in some places
but I still love this song, so powerful the dance!

they must get sooo tired dancing this at concerts! honto ni, so um go C-ute!
and I do like their dance costumes, when I first saw it was like eee.. but now I like it, isn't that funny xD

Slacking!? were on holiday (kinda) geez~ you had to relax~
But yeah about this dance shot....

I was completely blown away!!! One of my favourite parts is also the kinda clock work thing. Well I actually have looots of favourite parts haha when I'm listening to song I'm gonna be doing the guitar JA JA JA jajaja JA JA!
Hope they don't get too exhausted dancing! (though I wondered earlier today what it must feel like... I just experience it kyaaa~)
Well done C-ute!!
It's a really good dance though I did think they did kinda look messy at some points... Maybe Airi was too into moving her hips at "
Konna ni sugoku ni setsunai no" etc... -Oh no! That's not a bad thing at all. I'm just saying I found it funny.
I-mean...the whole dance made me smile and laugh too. I laughed at the "Funky Danshi~" but then I laughed even more at "Funky nee-chan" But what was worse too was that...
I also laughed twice because it happens TWICE! (if memory serves right) that Chisato moves out and then she realises she's too far/she's out of the camera shot so she has to move back in again...poor Chisa! <33

Anyway it's a funny dance! I wonder if there are people who's learnt it already haha
10/TEN -RisuTEN

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