Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Usaa's Video Corner! 24 ~Awards

I wonder do you all know that C-ute had won an award before? of if you did, did you see the ceremony?
well look what I found!
I found this when I was in NY actually xD

I know this is reallly late, but well done C-ute!! and they certainly stood out amongst the others
though I wonder why Tsunku took it for them..xD; made me laught Tsunku standing next to the pretty girls..
Congrats C-ute!

Winning Performance!

Congrats C-ute! I was very proud when I saw this ♥


  1. According to law. Minor can't do their job (Performing on stage, in this case) and the show is live and air during night-time. C-ute can't be on stage so Tsunku be their representative.

    Or so I heard

    And If i't true. how they perform their Winning Performance?

  2. Usaa
    oo I see... maybe that was just for awards?
    but then again they're wearing different clothes, so maybe it's another time in the daytime..