Thursday, 19 August 2010

Translations: C-ute's 597th Blog Entry

Toy Story
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Hello ☺
It's Maimi

Coming outside my house today, from the neighbourbood there was a recorder noise...


"Ah!! it was the school song Bokou (?)!"

It was a nostalgic feeling ^ヮ^

I tried to practice the same thing at home...>w< ♥

Last time I played this must have been in the 2nd grade I guess...!?

Certainly, in elementary school it must have been

First year: Keyboard or Harmonica
Second year: Recorder
Third year: Penmanship

they were my start memories ***

The topic's changing but

Before, I went to see a movie with Berryz Koubou's
Tokunaga Chinami-chan (Chii)

The movie was:
"Toy Story 3"

From the start, Chii
loved Toy Story but

After I finished watching this, I too have ended up being caught up in Toy Story (♥ヮ♥) ♥

The toys were cute...♥♥♥

Please watch it ^ヮ^;
I bought this many Toy Story goods...♥

(Picture 1)

At that day...
The two of us ate food
we spoke a lot
and we loitered around the general goods store...

It was a day that went with a blink of an eye ***

(Picture 2)
Lunch was italian

I ordered Meat Pasta and Blood Orange Juice ♥♥♥

(Picture 3)
Chii had work after this so
around 4:30 we had a quick dinner

If I go home, no matter how hungry I am, I wouldn't be able to eat as much you know ;

so the two of us froze our feelings and we are steak to our heart's content ^ヮ^

It was incredibly incredibly tasty, it was happiness ♥

Well then well then (owo)/
...The post ends up alllways being long I'm sorry XoX

Today is like this~ ;

Bai baai


Ahh it may always be long Maimi x_x;;; but.... it's not like it's actually really boring or anything right? :3 -Risu


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