Sunday, 29 August 2010

Muten Musume!

Here's some news about Morning Musume! They've made a special unit called Muten Musume and is going to release a song called "Appare Kaiten Zushi!" and erm it's apparently related to sushi and such.

Here's the translation by  Nouciel!! (Thank you!!!!)

"On the 28th it was announced that a new song that has been playing in the sushi chain based in Osaka "Kura Corpo", has become a hot topic in the internet, and will appear on a CD. Music producer Tsunku (41) was in charge of "Appare Kaiten Sushi!", which will go on sale on October 27th. To spread the sushi culture around the world a new female idol unit will be born, called "Muten Musume". (You can expect them, but) who could be the members!?

Japan wants to tell the world about one of their prides, food culture, with a song! This big concept was known since the 13th, where the song "Appare Kaiten Sushi" started to be played in the Kura Corpo stores.

♪ osushi ga naze suki ka, otona ni wakarukai? zarya sugu taberarete, sugu ni manpuku...

An up-tempo song, with friendly lyrics/phrases, is featured for the chain based in Osaka. It's a friendly song for people from adults to children.

On every Kura Corpo store, people were asking things like "What is that song?", "Who is singing it?". And it became a hot talk on internet as well. The name of the mysterious unit has been revealed and it's "Muten Musume".

With the "pressure" (in a good sense) of the voices that talked about the song so much, and the girls wearing veil, it's been decided that a CD will be released. There's still 2 months to go until it goes on sale, but the members/reality of the unit has been revealed. Wherever you listen to the singing voices (of that song), since the group's name has "Musume" in the end of it, it means it's produced by Tsunku, and that it's related to the popular idol group Morning Musume.

This project came to life since the very beginning of this year. The sushi chain shop is related to/depends on producer Tsunku. His "treasured child" Momusu is excluded from this promotion, and it's been decided that it will "Muten Musume" who does all the (promotional) activities (related to this song).

Featuring the favourite food of the 8 members of Morning Musume, new characters have been created/designed, they're attached on this article [see below]. Each of them has been designed in anime style A karaoke clip of the song has been uploaded in the website of the sushi chain shop. Leader AiAi, Takahashi Ai (23) said enthusiastically "As Muten Musume, we'll be helping to spread around the world the culture of Japan's own sushi".

Since the release of Shibugakitai's hit song "Sushi kui nee!", it's been a long time since a "sushi song" has been created. Momusu will build up a new boom."
Well what I found the most entertaining were their chibi counterparts...

Takahashi Ai- Ai Ai (Tamago)

Niigaki Risa - Risa Risa (Eel)

Kamei Eri -Eri Eri (Umeboshi)

Michishige Sayumi -Sayu Sayu (Mentaiko)

Tanaka Reina -Rei Rei (Broccoli)

Mitsui Aika- Ika Ika (Squid)

Jun Jun- J.J -(Banana)

Lin Lin - Li Li (Watermelon)

I completely cracked up about Aika being squid.... Well ika is squid in japanese anyway. How unfortunate. (Oh I'm only kidding of course ^ヮ^)  But I think I have to say my favourite would be Sayu Sayu! She looks cute... but then I have to say that J.J is really cute too and Rei Rei. Although, they err don't seem to have much to do with sushi...banana and watermelon!? The chinese really are the odd ones out haha

LQ version of the song?

Bai for now~

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