Monday, 30 August 2010

Polls! ~How many times have you been to a Hello!Project concert?

I've never been...*sniffs* 85% (54)
Once! 7% (5)
Five times!!!!! 4% (3)
I practically go all the time 1 (1%)
Four times!!!!/Three times!!!/Twice!! 0% (0)
Total votes 63

Ok first of all, 'I practically go all the time'! you lucky thing! I cannot describe how jealous I am at the moment xDD which ones do you go to the most I must live in Japan. Risu and I decided when we go to Japan we're definitely going to a concert, we'll time it and everything >;3, Buono! in mind of course!

'Once!' is certainly lucky, I'm sure any concert is very memorable, so once is enough to remember it forever ne~

'Five times!!!!!' wooow also very jealous! a concert for each band..xD though S/mileage hasn't had one yet have they? come to think of it, are tickets very expensive? though I'd pretty much be willing to fork out any amount for Buono!...xD

'I've never been...*sniffs*' to those 54 voters, high five mann xD I know the feeling of *sniff*. though do you intend to go? I wonder if we do this poll again next year, would you all still tick this box? though Japan is expensive =.=, but have hope, if you truly want to go, save up! which is what I need to start doing xP maybe £2 a week for I wonder how many months that'll take...

Next poll!
Which song do you think was the best debut single?
I thought this cause...this single marks your first steps to being a proper band, so it has to be important and catchy ne?
Sorry for the delay but please vote!
which would you be more willing to get? or song you remember the most
Thanks for everyone who voted!

oo also for those people who have been to a concert, if you have time, please share you experience with us! leave a comment^^

I defiinitely want to go to Japan next year!!! I'll make sure I'm not in the *sniff* bracket like most of our voters! Those who have been a few times, I'm upset you didn't share anything with us!! though errrr it's ok if you didn't have time..or just didn't want to haha
Well yes please vote in this next one!! A debut single is very important indeed!
Though er I think if it was just to do with first songs then I'd choose Maasara Blue Jeans!!

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