Monday, 30 August 2010

Translations: C-ute's 665th Blog Entry

℃-ute 公式ブログ/あと3日か~ 画像1℃-ute 公式ブログ/あと3日か~ 画像2Three more days eh~ >w< ***
Good morning ☺
It's Maimi

It's really good weather today in Zama! ☺ ^ヮ^

I was wearing black clothes so on the train ride there


It was incredibly incredibly hot (XoX)(XoX)(XoX)

Today's the second day of the tour...^ヮ^

I don't want to lose to the heat so much that this'll be a hot live!! ^ヮ^

If I think about it, there's only three more days of August right? ^ヮ^

All of you students!!
Have you already finished your summer homework!?!?

I'm always the type to end up leaving their homework until last minute but

This year, thank god I don't have to think about homework so

I'm at ease you know~ >w< ♥

"I still haven't finished it!~ T~T" the students who say this!!!!!!

Fight-o p(^^)q!!

Ah!! That's right, it seems that students in Hokkaido's summer holiday is short right?

I learnt that recently

Well today it's sunday right? ^ヮ^

Did everyone rest from school I wonder!?!?

Students and people who work too

Let's enjoy our holiday ok? (^ヮ^)b

Today's picture is what I took on the day of the live ♥♥♥

In my hand is a fruit (milk?) crepe

That day, Mai was eating Peach jelly cake but

The jelly part would be spill out I thought

and that ended up happening *laughs* ^ヮ^l

The second picture is with that Mai yesterday

It was after the live so the two of us were sweating XoX;


Ah I really do wonder who goes to school in H!P..? I-mean... I think I'm going to assume now that Maimi's stop schooling? All I know is that Momo goes to university (she works very hard!!!!) I wonder what Captain's done too? Mystery mystery~ 8/TEN-Risu

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