Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Okai Chan Neru 3!

They bully Momo so much but it's so cute seeing angry Momo haha ♥ That's why we looove you Momoko!!

I'm so happy the last (for now) Okai Chan Neru is with Buono! but come on...all these questions... C.O-san?? Chisato Okai-san!? Did you realise that? haha

It's also funny how Momo almosts chokes when they're finally being er nice to her ♥

But erm...did you guys read that? Did you???

"We have discussed about a new single, so please keep supporting us~~"

...I-mean..I watched this before and I heard "please keep supporting us" but I didn't hear about the single part.. my listening skills really are terrible...

O_O!!!!!!!!!!!! NEW SINGLE!!!!!! Discussions about it!???? No need for discussions!! JUST DO IT!~ <3333 It'd be great if everyone just... decided to buy this new single to show we looove Buono! and want them to carry on!! Geeez!

Well anyway it's an enjoyable watch right? I especially loved Miyabi getting hyped up when Kiss Kiss Kiss came up

10/TEN!! Buono~ come back again please -RisuTEN

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