Monday, 30 August 2010

Translations: C-ute's 671st Blog Entry

℃-ute 公式ブログ/THE 旅行 画像1THE tripMornin' :3 ♥
Today I made an
early update ^ヮ^ ♥♥

Even so yeterday
was fun~ >w<
When I'm doing the live
Without thought
I enjoy meeting the
kind fans so
the live becomes incredibly amazin' ♥♥
I feel happiness from my heart ♥ヮ♥ ☻ *laughs*

Today I went on a trip
with my cousin and everyone (^o^ゞ
Unbelievably I got up at 6am *laughs*
But I was enjoying myselfff ♥♥
I'm hyped up since it's a
trip for the live ^ヮ^ ★
I took this picture before departing! ♥

Well then well then today
it's hot but let's do our best ok ♥ヮ♥!!
Please make sure you
take in some drinks ^ヮ^ ★


Where is C-ute heading off to next eh? 7/TEN -Risu

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