Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Translations; Linlin 2010.08.30


Today after work finished I went to the supermarket and bought lots of stuff, HUHU
Apart from buying the basic foods I also bought lots of frozen food
Because I am lazy, hahaha
First microwave the takoyaki

I was surprised to see that after I put 3 together, it resembles Mickey,
hoho so cute!

What frozen food does everyone have in their fridge?

Summer’s 3 Great Ices:fridge、 air conditioning、also……
Linlin’s nICE joke!hoho
Really don’t know what I’m talking about……please ignore me……
All in all hope everyone is happy everyday!
Good nightt
Sorry it's been a while ><
honto ni honto ni gomennasaai!

btw for her 'nICE joke' xD is a pun in chinese, I tried to still make it make sense in english...hope it did
in chinese she write's Summer's 3 Great Ice, but the word Ice can sound like warrior or soldier too..I think that's what she's trying to imply
and 冷笑话 = joke in chinese but on it's own 冷 = ice
so that's what she means by her 'Ice/warrior'
so there you go lil lesson for you xD

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