Friday, 20 August 2010

Translations: C-ute's 612th Blog Entry

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Summer ☺

Good morning ☺
It's Maimi

It's cool inside the train right~ ^ヮ^
Comfortable *** comfortable ***

Outside my house
the cicadas are droning out their voices...

We're in the middle of summer~...^ヮ^ I felt once again ☺

...even so, today I have images giving the feeling of summer...^ヮ^

First is this

(Picture 1)

The blue sky...white clouds...

Is this kind of thing right ☺:I
When I was small, I thought you could ride on clouds...^ヮ^

But really, when you look at it, couldn't you ride on it...!? ***
is how you feel from the puffy clouds right!?!!!!!

(Picture 2 3)

Fireworks rally's fireworks

This summer, I went to the firework's rally with my friend from elementary school ♥

We looked up immediately just as the fireworks came on...

It's my first time seeing it so close ***

That's because I could see where they were launching it off, that's how close I was!!!!!!

Just a bit far away

The fire was burning!! as it was lit up I think


up up

and then
Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang ********


I was too close so looking at it made my neck hurt...^ヮ^;

My friend somehow
looking up at the fireworks, her fringe was in the way so
from the start, she put up her hair with a cloth band and swept back her fringe... (??)

After a little while
"Ahh; it's gotten tangled XoX;;"
...huh *laughs*

If you're using a cloth band it seems you'll have trouble with your fringe *laughs* ^ヮ^

Even with that though, the fireworks were beautiful ♥ヮ♥...♥

It was with such force that the two of
were pretty excited

After it finished, spontaneously, everyone started clapping around me...^ヮ^

there was an amazing amount of people
While I was sweating, I went home but ♥

Having the night sky been lit up with fireworks was refreshing, it was amazing ***

Everyone too in this summer, please make lots of amazing memories ok? ^ヮ^ ♪


Ahhh the whole thing with the cloth band... sorry I didn't understand it very well. -Risu

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