Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Translations; Junjun 2010.08.31


Junjun’s here..

Junjun saw that people were waiting until midnight for Junjun..

Yesterday in the afternoon after recording it left my mind reeling..

Sorry..I slept straightaway..

Junjun rested today..

Starting with the first two dishes, from these few days, Junjun’s own home made dishes to enjoy with everyone.><..

Stewed fish..


Even though today is a day off..
Junjun still doesn’t have a lie in
Today’s lunch..very burnt
And steamed!

Both delicious and healthy…
Also Junjun’s most favourite Stir fried Ox Tongue and Sesame Oil Salad..

Shopping time..
Junjun loves to use Samanths Thavasa
Junjun hasn’t been shopping in a long time..
Purse and Card Case...2 buys..(*^__^*) ho ho……

Being a self doting woman。.[laughs]

Unfortunately inside the bag….
Its empty...
Hah hah..

Very full. And shopped for a whole afternoon..

Junjun needs to first lie down..

but it’s not goodnight..

Because haven’t washed yet..smelly smelly.. [laughs]

ps'2 after an hour then bath..
remember to wake Junjun..
Otherwise it would really be smelly O(∩_∩)O~

phew, honestly Junjun's blog takes quadruple the time Linlin's does, so I think it's better for me to start with Linlin from now on xD get me in gear for Junjun
and sorry, I really don't know what's the other of her favourite dish...apparently it's like pork?

though poor Junjun, feeling tired but need to wash..I do hate that feeling xD

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